Top Best Happy Friendship Day 2019 Quotes, Wishes, Messages & SMS

Happy Friendship Day 2019 Quotes, Wishes, Messages & SMS: Friends are that part of our lives which we can never afford to lose. We do not have friends only for partying or making fun but also to stand by us in any kind of situations. Whether you be in any mood sad, happy, angry or excited you just need a friend to share your emotions. From the time of bunking classes to the support in all difficult times, a friend is required at every important stage of life.

If we all celebrate all the relationship days then it would be an injustice to this purest form of selfless love between two individuals. The celebration for this should be as grand as the other relationship days. Every day is a celebration of friendship. All days, whenever you meet you giggle, are the days of celebration for you. But still, on the occasion of this friendship day celebration here are some sweet messages which can help you to make your friend feel loved. Best Friendship Quotes will make it a bit easier for you to express your feelings. Happy Friendship Day 2019 Quotes, Sayings, Messages, SMS & HD Images

Happy Friendship Day 2019 Quotes, Wishes, Messages & SMS

Here Below are some Best Friendship Day 2019 Quotes, Wishes & SMS which one can send to their friend on the friendship Day.

  • A real friend is a friend who will not think of judging you even when you are judging yourself. You can tell the person everything that you feel.
  • A true friend is a guardian, motivator, supporter and medicine for all the injuries to your soul.
  • Friendship is unnecessary for survival and we all know that. But it is something that adds more value to your life.
  • Your friendship is the most generous gift that I have ever heartily accepted and also deeply appreciated. It is like cement which will hold the world together.
  • Walking with you on the road in the night makes me feel that yes I have someone to share my feelings my emotions. I can never afford to lose you. Happy Friendship Day, my friend.
  • I cannot promise this that I will be your friend forever because someday every person has to die but still I promise to your friend until I stay alive.
  • If you consider it as an achievement to make 100 friends in a year then you are completely wrong. An achievement is when you make a friend for 100 years. Happy Friendship Day.
  • Good friends can be compared to stars because though you cannot see them always but you know they will always remain there.
  • Today is the day of Friendship. Thus let us cultivate warm ties which will continue to strengthen our common humanity. This will also promote the well-being of the human family. There is nothing on this earth which could be more valuable than our bond of friendship.
  • A simple friend thinks about the friendship again whenever you get into an argument with him. While only a real friend knows that it’s not a friendship until after you’ve had a fight.
  • Yes, I believe in angels because I know I am surrounded by them every time.  For me, my best friends are my angels who guide and support me always.
  • If someday all my friends decide to jump off abridge then I would not be the one who will think of jumping with them but I will be standing below the bridge to catch them.

Top Best Happy Friendship Day 2019 Quotes, Wishes, Messages & SMS

Friendship Day 2019 Messages & Wishes 

  • Today here we have gathered some best friendship day 2019 Messages & Wishes which you can send through facebook, twitter, Whatsapp and other social media with your best friends on the occasions of Friendship Day 2019.
  • True friendship cannot be found, it has to be earned. Your friendship is the most valuable thing to me because I have earned it. Happy Friendship Day!
  • Sometimes angels from heaven come down on earth to make our lives funnier and enjoyable. We call them friends. Today, I’m wishing Happy Friendship Day to all those angels!
  • A friend does not walk before you so you can follow, he walks beside you so he can catch you before you fall. Happy Friendship Day!
  • It’s hard to find someone who will stay with you in your hard times, someone who will help you rise up again after you fall. Fortunately for me, that person is you! You are a rare gem, my friend!
  • On this very special day, I want to let you know that you are my most favorite person in this world. I enjoy your company more than I enjoy myself. Happy friendship day to you!
  • The greatest gift of life is a true friend who understands the real YOU. I feel grateful to live because it gave me a friend like you! Happy Friendship Day!
  • People do not just meet and end up being best friends. It requires two independent minds to think alike and two beautiful souls to share the same road in life. Happy friendship day 2019!

Happy Friendship Day Latest Messages & Wishes For Best Friend

  • To start my handbag found it vacant, hunt my pocket discovered few coins, hunt my heart discovered you understood rich now since I’ve got a friend just like you.
  • Should you start my heart, imagine what u r going see? It is U. True friends are difficult to find so that I retained u.
  • There’s just so many people around me but just 1 individual that enables me to be myself would be you. This day is completely I call my friend.
  • Every day is unique if spent. You make me forget what boredom is. I never believed my life could touch. Happy friendship day!
  • With this very special day, I wish to allow you to know that you’re my favorite person in this entire world. I love your company. Happy friendship day to you!
  • Missing you a lot. Always tried to become your very best friend. But matters not happened as I believed. Maybe we’re far from one another. But I’ll always be there for you & try to make things as we dreamed of!

Top Best Happy Friendship Day 2019 Quotes, Wishes, Messages & SMS

Friendship Day 2019 Wishes, Quotes & Messages For Girlfriend & Boyfriend

  • God was so generous to me by providing me a friend such as you. So this friendship day is not a day to celebrate our friendship but also a day to be grateful to God for your present.
  • It requires a lifetime to discover a man like you in this perverted world. I felt right at the minute I met with you. But with you as a very best friend is. I wish you a happy friendship day!
  • Regardless of what I wish for you on this particular day, it won’t be adequate to express the feelings that I have for you. You have a special place within my heart. Happy friendship day!
  • Let us put aside all of the small problems involving us and let us embrace each other using an identical smile and the very same feelings of friendship. Because, my friend, today is friendship day!

Friendship Day Wishes And Messages For Wife & Husband

  • I’m short of words to compose anything. However, in a few words, I want to state…. May God give you a great deal of happiness and achievement
  • You may not be the nicest person in this entire world. But you’re also the most amazing and the man best friend in this world. Wishing you all the best on this particular event.
  • You’re an angel sent straight from God to direct me in my hard times. You’re the funniest, coolest and loveliest female friend I’ve ever had. Happy friendship day precious.
  • The very best thing on the planet is probably having a woman as a best friend. It seems so easy to express myself. This day is for you!
  • As amazing as you are, you also have produced our friendship with a group of amazing moments. It is a blessing to have you as a friend. You’ll always be loved and honored. Happy friendship day!
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