“The Voice” Season 18 Live Shows Starting From Monday; Here’s The Contestant Full List  

The season 18th of the very popular signing reality show, The Voice, is trending on news as its live shows are now all set to start from Monday onward. The head coaches for “The Voice Season 18” are Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Nick Jonas.

This year, as the coronavirus pandemic has hit the world very adversely, therefore this time in this year’s season, you will observe the live performances but with great twist. In order to avoid any gathering and to maintain social distancing, the performers or the contestants are going to perform remotely from their homes around the United States. The 17 finalists of this popular show won’t be singing in front of a live audience or coaches this time. Even the hosts of the show, Carson Daly, will also perform his part from a socially-distanced sound stage.

The contestants have been given state-of-the-art camera along with audio equipment so that the makers of the show can capture their 17 finalists’ performances in best way possible. In addition to that, each one of them was hooked up with wardrobe and choreography advice for helping them to putting on their great performances.

This time, the viewers can enjoy more footage or behind-the-scenes videos and through this, the audience can spectate their favorite artists’ lives outside of this popular competition.

There will also be some footage or videos of contestant’s preparation procedure together with their online interaction with their coaches, who are also going to be filming distantly. And all these can be viewed by the audience this time from their homes.

Nick Jonas and John Legend are going to mentor their artists which are under their team through several video chat from Los Angeles while Blake as well as Clarkson check in with their team members from their individual houses in Oklahoma and Montana.

Alike to the live shows on earlier seasons, audience are going to be able to vote for their favorite contestant across America as soon as the show is over on Monday. Later on the Tuesday’s show, the voting results are going to be announced and the artists will know it live which of them are going to move forward to the following round. The bottom two contestants are then going to perform live while American audience will vote in real-time on social media in order to save one of them.

The Voice Season 18: The 17 finalists’ Contestant List

Team Blake

  • Todd Tilghman
  • Toneisha Harris
  • Joanna Serenko
  • Joei Fulco

Team Legend

  • CammWess
  • Zan Fiskum
  • Mandi Castilo
  • Mike Jerel

Team Kelly

  • Micah Iverson
  • Megan Danielle
  • Cedrice
  • Mandi Thomas

Team Nick

  • Thunderstorm Artis
  • Allegra Miles
  • Michael Williams
  • Aeri Moon
  • Roderick Chambers

With the commencement of this live show on Monday, is also going to mark a special episode which will mainly focus on those four contestants who were earlier saved by the coaches in the initial stages of the season. On the live show which is scheduled to be held on Monday for the first order of business, Daly will make the final revelation that which of the four contestants will move forward in the on-going show of “The Voice” season 18.

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