The LEGO Batman Movie 2: When to Expect the Movie? Cast, Date, Plot and Much More

Lego is planning to bring us many movies to the cinema in its Lego movie franchise. Lego has been making movies since 2003 and has made more than a dozen of movies. Now, it has plans for many upcoming movies that will surely get appreciations through the audience. Just like the MCU, Lego is planning to expand its universe. Out of all the upcoming releases, Lego has confirmed the release of the sequel of its Batman movie. Lego studios will be bringing us the Lego Batman movie 2.

The first Lego Batman movie was admired by the fans and the viewers across the world. The movie was released on February 10, 2017. It received positive reviews by the people and the critics. After seeing such response of the public, Lego Studios is also planning to make the third part of the movie.

So, here is every detail that you need to know about the movie.

Lego Batman 2: Release Date

Recently, Lego announced that they will be releasing the part two of Lego Batman in 2022. Right now, the movie is in the making and has not yet decided any particular date of release. But it is confirmed by Lego that the movie will be releasing in the year 2022. Due to on-going pandemic, we can expect a little delay in the release of the film as the production has come to halt.

Lego Batman 2: Cast

As per the source, cast would be the same from the previous movie. Same charcters will be carried out in this movie but it is uncertain that the original voice actors would be hired or replaced. It is believed that the actors would remain the same.

Bruce Wayne will be the lead of the movie as Batman. Dick Grayson as his trusted ally “Robin”. Last but not the least, “The Joker” will be playing major part of the film. The cast is not yet decided completely, so, there are little expectations for the appearance of Alfred and Catwoman in the film.

Lego Batman 2: Plot and Storyline

The story of the first part will be continued in this sequel movie. In the first movie, Batman with the other DC superheroes in the Lego Universe tries to protect the Gotham City through fighting crime. Meanwhile during a fight with Joker to stop him, Batman hurts joker’s feeling by telling him that he’s not that important in his life. Joker plans on to take an ultimate revenge on Batman for this. Later, after saving the city from the joker’s plan, Batman convinced joker that he is hero just because of him. He lets joker and his allies to escape. He thinks that when joker returns, he won’t be capable of beating the Batman family. Afterwards, he spends a new life with his family in the ending.

So, the plot for the second movie is not yet disclosed but we’ll be getting updates about the stor-yline whenever it reaches out to the public. The movie is going to be amazing and is expected to be better experience for the fans from the previous part.

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