How To Restrict PUBG Mobile Or App Use On Your Smartphone?

How To Restrict PUBG Mobile Or App Use On Your Smartphone?

Restrict PUBG Mobile Or App Use On Your Smartphone: Well, if you will ask which is the most popular smartphone game in India? Almost everyone would say PUBG. PUBG Mobile has received so much popularity within such a short span of time after its release not only in India but also all around the world. For gaming point of view, this battle royale game has been getting so much great reviews, but at the same time, it is also receiving criticism for having a negative influence on one’s health, particularly children.

Similarly, this most popular smartphone game has also been criticized in India, resulting in a ban in PUBG Mobile in some of the Indian cities.

However, games such as PUBG Mobile and Fortnite are helping these gaming industries grow and develop, but on the other hand, its addiction is generating a negative impact on people’s life. As per to the Limelight Network’s “State of Online Gaming” report, gamers from India are sacrificing on sleep, food as well as even social life for gaming. The report also further added that Indian gamers spend almost seven hours every single week just playing online games.

How To Restrict PUBG Mobile Or App Use On Your Smartphone?

By seeing this concern, PUBG Mobile is apparently testing time limit of six hours in India. This feature hasn’t been confirmed or rolled out legitimately for all users. Meanwhile, the users, on the other hand, can follow some of these instructions in order to curb their PUBG Mobile addiction. So, without wasting any time let’s explore these instructions:

App Detox

In order to control the usage of these gaming apps, App Detox comes with many options for its users. The users can set the time limits, can choose different usage habits and so on. There is also one interesting feature of App Detox that it let its users walk if they want to use the app. 

Digital Wellbeing

In order to help users understand as well as control their smartphone usage, Google has introduced ‘Digital Wellbeing’ with Android Pie. With the help of Digital Wellbeing, it gives a breakdown of how much time users spend on their phone, as well as also specific reports on apps.

Also, in addition, users can set time limits for apps for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour or customize as per to their wish. But one must take note that it is only exclusive or accessible to selected Android Pie phones, not every Android users can use this feature.


Boundless Mind presents you Space, which let its users get create space from the apps which they are addicted to but at the same time don’t want to delete it. Space also helps in alerting users when screen time on apps increase and for that reason reward them for goals which are achieved.


This app is kind of similar to Digital Wellbeing. ActionDash’s layout, as well as icons, are basically quite similar to Digital Wellbeing which gives you weekly and everyday reports of app usage. ActionDash, on the other hand, does not have the time-bound feature. Users can still get thorough reports on their smartphone usage for every single app.

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