Pan Card Application, How To Apply, Track Status, Download e-Pan Card & More!

Pan Card Application, How To Apply, Track Status, Download e-Pan Card & More!

Pan Card Application, How To Apply, Track Status, Download: Permanent Account Number (PAN) is an alphanumeric number of ten digits, which is issued by the Income Tax Department as a laminated card. An example of a pan is AABPS1205E. PAN card is compulsory for all correspondence with the income tax return to any income tax officer.

It will be mandatory to use a PAN Card on the invoice for any payment due to the Income Tax Department from 1 January 2005. Also, PAN Card is compulsory for all documents related to financial transactions notified from time to time by the Central Board of Financial Direct Taxes.

Some such transactions are in connection with purchasing and sale of real estate or automobiles and in connection with the sale or sale of hotels and restaurants or any foreign country. 25,000 / – to make cash payments. To get a telephone or cellular telephone connection, it is also mandatory to mention the PAN.

About PAN Card

There are three alphabets at the beginning of the PAN card number, which can be started from AAA and to ZZZ, this number decides the income tax department. The fourth number of the PAN card indicates which cardholder is connected to which area

  • P-Single Person
  • F-Firm
  • C-Company
  • A-AOP (Association of Person)
  • T-Trust
  • H-HUF (Hindu Undivided Family)
  • B-BOI (body of the individual)
  • L-Local
  • J-Artificial Judicial Person
  • G-for Government

The fifth letter of the PAN Card is the first letter of the card holder’s surname After the letter of surname, there are 4 digit digits in the PAN card.

This number can be anywhere from 0001 to 9999. This number is according to the ongoing series in the Income Tax Department. Its last digit is an alphabetic check digit and it can be any alphabet in English

Who Should have a PAN?

  • All current assesses or taxpayers or individuals who need to submit income tax returns should also get PAN from others.
  • Any person who holds the intent of any financial transaction (where it is compulsory to quote the PAN) must obtain the PAN.
  • The evaluation officer can either allot a pan to a person on their own or on special request.

Where should I Apply for New PAN?

In order to improve the pan-related services, the Income Tax Department has authorized UTI Investor Services Limited (UTIISL) to set up and manage IT PAN service centers in all the cities and towns from the authorized TIN Facilitation Centers, where the Income Tax office is located.

For facilitating PAN applicants in big cities, UTI Investor Services Limited (UTISAL) has established more and more PAN Service Centers and likewise, there is more than one TIN Facilitation Center.

How To Apply Online For Pan Card-

Pan Card Application, How To Apply, Track Status, Download e-Pan Card & More!

If you don’t have your PAN Card then You can apply online through the website NSDL or UTI  just by filling the Application form. To apply online you just need some mandatory documents like one Copy of your Identity Proof, One copy of Address proof, and one copy of the birth certificate.

You can follow our detailed guide on how to apply for PAN Card. This guide contains links to both the NSDL and UTI PAN Application forms, and you’ll also get a step-by-step tutorial on how to fill the form! You’ll need documents for Identity, Address, and Date of birth Proof.

We’ve created a list of documents that you can submit as a Proofs. Once applied, you can always track your PAN Card Status.

How To Check PAN Card Status?

You can apply for PAN Card through NSDL or UTI website. Let us know how to Check PAN Card Status if you have applied through NSDL.

Ways to Check PAN Application Status

These are a few ways to Check the Your PAN Card Application Status:

  • BY Calling: By calling the TIN call center on 020-27218080 and by providing Your 15-digit acknowledgment number of PAN Application.
  • By SMS Service: By Sending the 15-digit Acknowledgment Number of one’s PAN application on 57575.
  • Online: One can also track the status of their PAN Application Online.

How to Check PAN Card Status From NSDL-

Pan Card Application, How To Apply, Track Status, Download e-Pan Card & More!

If you have created your PAN card through NDSL, then you will have to go to the official website of NSDL. After that, an online form will open in front of you. on Which you have to tell your little bit of information through your PAN card.

Because when you have applied for your PAN card, you will be given a slip at that time on which would have written the acknowledgment number. Through this number, you can know your PAN card status online.

Now Open the NSDL website, on the left side there is an option for the acknowledgment number, you will have to enter the number. You will then have to click on the Submit button, after that you can check your PAN card status.

And yes if you do not have an acknowledgment number then there is no need to be disturbed, there is also another option on the same form, where you have to fill in your name properly, and there will be a box on the bottom and where you will be filled your date of birth, and after that, you just click the Submit button.

How to Check PAN Card Status From UTI –

Pan Card Application, How To Apply, Track Status, Download e-Pan Card & More!

To check the UTI PAN card status, you will have to go to the UTI website, and there, you have to enter the PAN Application Coupon Number (you can get it when you have to apply for PAN Card) in the box and you will have to press the Submit Button and get to the status of your PAN card.

For more information, you can contact the official website of UTI.

Have Any Problem ?? Customer help!!!-

If you have any kind of problem, then you should immediately contact NSDL or UTI Customer Support Number.

Note: If you have any problems like NSDL or UTI to know the PAN Card Status, then you can instantly tell your problem to our comment box.

How To Know Your PAN Jurisdiction?

You can also Know your PAN Jurisdiction. It is very easy as knowing your PAN Card Status. To make it easier for you, We’ve created a Step by step guide here.

You can follow the Steps given in The Guide to Know your pan Jurisdiction. What is the Jurisdiction? Jurisdiction means the one who has Official Powers to make Legal Decisions and Each, and Every PAN has its Jurisdiction.

There is Plenty of Jurisdiction throughout Country India. You can Know your PAN Jurisdiction by following our Guide.

How to Correct/Change Information in PAN Card?

well, If you want to change the information on your PAN Card then you can simply Apply for Correction any time through NSDL or UTI website. If you are married and you want to change your name on your PAN Card then you must give your marriage proof.

If your PAN Card is Lost or Damaged and you want to re-apply for a new PAN Card through the same form. You can Follow our straightforward PAN Card Correction Form section. You will be able to track PAN Card Status using the same above-given guide.

How to Know your PAN If Card is Lost?

Do your PAN Card is Lost? then you don’t need to worry, You can re-apply for New PAN Card through PAN Card Correction forms! Yes To re-apply you have to know your current PAN.

If you don’t know what’s your current PAN, You can find it online using this PAN Card Status guide. through this website, you can track or Check PAN Card Status online.

Final Verdict

In Can Your PAN Card Application Status on the Official website is Shown as ‘record not found’; then It Means that Your PAN Card Application has not been processed by the Income Tax Department is not Recorded in their Database. In Case Your PAN Card is delayed then You can use the Online Form to File a complaint:

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