Massive Asteroid Set To Pass From Earth Next Month; Diameter, Impact And Other Details

Massive Asteroid Set To Pass From Earth Next Month; Diameter, Impact And Other Details

Massive Asteroid Set To Pass From Earth Next Month: As per the latest information that has been received from NASA this has been made clear that an asteroid which is quite massive will pass from the Earth the very next month. It is a massive asteroid with a diameter of around 650 meters and it is set to pass our planet. Prior to this month, there was a passing of Asteroid 2006 QQ23 through Earth which passed on without even a small incident and this was very relieving news. Now the time comes closer for the passing of this giant rock named as 2007 QW7. It is expected to pass on from the earth on September 14.

Details About The Asteroid

As per the information from the Center for Near-Earth Object Studies(CNEOS) which is a part of the Jet propulsion Laboratory in California. This asteroid 2000 Q77 will be coming within 5.3 million kilometers to Earth whenever it passes by the planet. Because of the fact that this asteroid is coming with 0.05 astronomical units of our planet, it is called a Near-Earth Object(NEO). As per the notes from Live Sciences, the distance is approximately equal to the 14 times the distance between the Earth as well as the moon.

This giant rock has a measurement of around 650 meters in diameter and will be traveling at a speed of 14,361 mph. This information is based on what report states. However, it seems to be quite far and a lot but if we consider it in terms of space then this is definitely a close call.

Strategy from Scientists

Massive Asteroid Set To Pass From Earth Next Month; Diameter, Impact And Other Details

According to CNEOS, the asteroid will be traveling around at 23,100 km/hr. It will next pass by the blue planet in the year 2038. Even though Earth can be in the state of relief right now but the scientists, on the other hand, are already beginning to plan for the arrival pf such monster rock into our planet.

According to the JPL Data from NASA, Apophis is going to be next asteroid which is closer to earth and will reach here the next year in January and October. It is also going to be passed by our planet in the years 2021,2024,2027,2028,2029,2036,2037,2058,2066,2072,2073,2094,2101,2102,223,2124,2130 and 2131.

The very last week Elon Musk who is the billionaire founder of Space X stated that he is not afraid of the asteroid but he just wanted to focus the attention towards that how vulnerable our planet is. He tweeted and said that do not worry about this particular one asteroid but yes a bigger rock will eventually fall on Earth and we currently have no shield for defense.

Scientists are also saying that although they were not concerned that this asteroid would hit us it will still have a small chance of impacting the Earth. There are assumptions saying that the asteroid will be within just 19000 miles of the surface of the earth in the year 2029. Marina Brozovic who is the radar scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory said that the Apophis has a closer approach in 2029 and this will prove as an incredible opportunity for science on Earth.

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