“Last Of Us” TV Show Planned to Be Release on HBO; Here’s Everything You Need To Know

You would have heard or played the game “Last Of Us” on PS3 and PS4. Now, HBO is planning to launch a new series on a couple of video games and luckily, Last Of Us is one of them. The worldwide famous video game will be coming into reality through HBO’s TV show. After reading this, you must be curious to know more about the series, game and the plot. So, we are going to tell you everything about the upcoming TV series “Last Of Us”

Details about “Last of Us”

It was once a worldwide famous game for all the gamers. It is a console game that was played in PS3 and PS4. “Last of Us” was released on 14th June 2013, worldwide. It got huge attention and appreciation. The developer of the game is Naughty Dog and the publisher is Sony Computer Entertainment. This game was played both single-player and multiplayer.

The plot of the Game

The story revolves around a smuggler named Joel, who is given a task to escort a girl named in the Ellie during the apocalypse in the US. A certain infection was spreading that made humans into some sort of aggressive creatures. Ellie was infected but was not showing any symptoms of aggression. The path they chose becomes really difficult as they face many problems. The players are provided controls over firarm and stealth to defeat their enemies and deal with those aggressive creatures.

As we all know that HBO is the creator of many awesome movies and series that are fictional and requires VFX. So, we can imagine how cool and amazing this TV show will be. It will refresh the memory of gamers those who used to play “Last of Us” during the old days.

Details about “Last of Us” as a TV show

On 6th March 2020, HBO announced that they will be making a TV show on the very popular game “Last of Us”. It was unbelievable for people for some time as they got surprised. As the confirmation was by HBO itself, so people believed it very soon. So, it’s been said that the HBO’s “Last of Us” will be a little different. The real plot will be covered by some little add on stories. There will be some slight changes, rest everything will remain the same. The rumours also said that HBO may add the sequel to the game in the series as well.

Last of Us: Characters, Release Date, Cast

The cast is not declared at present but it will be released soon. The characters such as Joel and Ellie will remain in the series because these two characters are protagonists. The entire plot revolves around them. Other than these two characters, you will be seeing Riley (Ellie’s girlfriend), Tess (Joel’s companion), Maria (Joel’s Sister-in-law), and Marlene in the TV show.

Fans are extremely excited for the series and are requesting Hugh Jackman and Maisie Williams for the lead roles. But as we all know, the cast is not yet decided so fans can hold tight until next update from HBO.

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