Jabariya Jodi Reviews & Ratings: Sidharth Malhotra & Parineeti Chopra’s Film Will Make You Confused

Jabariya Jodi Reviews & Ratings: Sidharth Malhotra & Parineeti Chopra Film Will Make You Confused

Jabariya Jodi Movie Reviews & Ratings: The movie that is striking the Bollywood cinema theatres this Friday is Jabariya Jodi. The movie has good production work and cinematography. This movie has expectations to gross well in the theatres and this is because the movie has some good storyline. As far as the scripts and other parameters are judged they are also quite appreciable in this movie. These are the reasons for which we think that you can definitely watch this movie and it will be loved by the audience throughout the country.  The way in which the makers have portrayed the movie is surely going to win all your hearts.  It is the kind of movie which should be loved by the people.

Jabariya Jodi Movie Reviews

As this is known already to all of us that this movie is the Hindi language action romantic comedy movie. The movie is starring the popular actors in it named as Parineeti Chopra and Sidhartha Malhotra in the main leading roles. The storyline of the movie is good because it is bades on the practice of groom kidnapping which is quite prevalent states like Bihar. The co-producers of the movie are Ekta Kapoor, Shobha Kapoor, and Shailesh R Singh. Also, the movie is directed by Prashant Singh.

The plot of the Movie

As discussed above it can be said that this movie Jabariya Jodi is going to get released with the story that is based on a prevalent practice in Bihar. The practice in which the groom is kidnapped to avoid the dowry which needs to be given to the family of the groom. In the movie, Sidhartha Malhotra plays the role of thugs who helps the kidnappers in kidnapping the groom.  The movie also features Parineeti Chopra in quite a prominent role. The movie is fine and we are sure that the audience will surely be loving the movie.

Jabariya Jodi Reviews & Ratings: Sidharth Malhotra & Parineeti Chopra Film Will Make You Confused

Good And Bad points of The Movie

The movie has very good directional work. The screenplay of the movie is also very appreciable. Moreover other than this, the editing work of the movie is really amazing.

While there are also some flaws in the movie and that is like the production work of the movie is very average. If we talk about the cinematography work then viewers will also find it quite weak. Moreover, the work of music productions is also not so noticeable in the movie.

Worthy Watch or Not 

This movie Jabariya Jodi has expectations to make more than enough bucks for the makers. It is a kind of movie that will surely attract a lot of viewers towards it. The movie is amazing and also the screenplay work is appreciable. The movie will be loved by the audience for sure. After a break of many years, Sidhartha Malhotra is back with a movie which has good expectations to get successful at the box office.  This is to let you know that the ratings of this movie Jabariya Jodi are turning out to be positive and the movie is becoming a must-watch for all the viewers of the country.

  • Jabariya Jodi Movie Reviews & Ratings


Jabariya Jodi is the entertaining funfair backed with the comparatively much-serious issue. The film tries to throw light on serious issues with lighter moments but gets caught in an unrealistic narrative that doesn’t feel all that awesomeness. from start to end there is not a single shred of thought on display. The Movie is a little confusing, unpleasing And long-drawn mess, which the viewers will ‘jabariya’ have to sit through.

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