FaceApp’s Privacy Policy Question, User Data Can Be Used Anywhere

FaceApp's Privacy Policy Question, User Data Can Be Used Anywhere

FaceApp’s Privacy Policy: These days face app has returned to the public with a much exciting function. People are getting crazier on that retooled version. The version includes old age filter. Across the internet, celebrities and even all users can share the look of their golden years. The celebrities are seen doing this. The list includes the name of celebrities like Jonas Brothers, Terry Crews, Dwyane Wade and Drake who took the feature of this app to try out their look after decades. Countless other users have also used the app and took an opportunity to make themselves and looking out generally. It is quite hard to blame them for this as it is so exciting to take a look of your decades after appearance.

Major Highlights

  • It is an app which is made by a Russian company. Using this age filter on this app. one can easily take a look of his appearance after 40 years from now.
  • Within a short span of just one week, there are over 150 million people who have joined this app and are uploading pictures.
  • In response to all the privacy concerns, FaceApp says it is completely. They also announced that it collects minimal data from the users.

FaceApp's Privacy Policy Question, User Data Can Be Used Anywhere

Though the app got started in the year 2017, this FaceApp started trending online so much after that. It has become really easy to use. This app can do the number of things for you like to edit photos which can put a smile on your face, it will make you look younger also and even it might show you that you will look if you were of the opposite gender.

This app is available for all users. Whether a user is an Android user or an iOS user, it is available to all. The app is also paid and not free of cost. You don’t need to pay for the photographs in the initial clicking of the photographs. But after three days you have to pay to use all these apps on iOS. In Indian currency, the app’s price is calculated around Rs.1699 per year. However, despite all these changes and conditions, it does not seem that much has changed there since the last time when it went viral. This is because as the app from Russian Tech Company Wireless Lab comes loaded down with all the privacy concerns. At that time too, the privacy experts David Vaile told the  Australian Broadcasting Corporation about the problem.

Why You Should be Werry Regarding FaceApp Terms And Services?

The terms and services of the FaceApp regarding the users’ faces and private data is definitely a matter of concern for people. The license term of the app states that by using this app, the customer is granting the provider permission to use their photos, name, username, a likeness for any of the purposes including all the commercial purposes as well. When the app developer questioned that FaceApp can upload photos beyond what the user provides then the other experts have put forward questions regarding this claim. They claim that it will only send whatever the user likes and to whom the user says only when there is a network connection.

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