COVID-19 Pandemic: Will Indian Government Extend Nationwide Lockdown After May 3

India is now a few days away from the conclusion of countrywide lockdown in the country which was first implemented from March 25 till April 14 but due to increasing number of coronavirus cases, the lockdown was extended till May 3.

However, the second lockdown is supposed to end on May 3 but almost every expert is suggesting that lockdown should not be ended at this uncertain period of time. If the restrictions in the country are not extended further then the country may possibly lose its momentum in fighting against COVID-19 which will not lead to a good outcome.

On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also held a video conference with all the chief ministers in order to discuss the planning for ahead. Since the novel coronavirus outbreak has emerged, this was the fourth such meeting that was conducted between PM Narendra Modi and the chief ministers of the states. The coronavirus cases are still climbing up even after the lockdown is implemented across the whole country. Therefore, it is still uncertain to say whether these are the last days of a lockdown or else it will again extend to a few more days or weeks.

PM Modi on March 24 announced the nationwide lockdown from 25 March till April 14, it was a 21 days lockdown but due to the sudden increase in the number of positive coronavirus cases in the country, the government made the decision to extend the lockdown till May 3, by which time, India is going to complete its 40 days of lockdown.

If experts have to be believed, a minimum 8 to 10 weeks lockdown is must in India by considering its huge population and the increasing number of cases. However, so far the situation in India is under control but still every day new cases are emerging even after a strict lockdown in the whole nation, and a very little mistake can lead to a very devastating result in the upcoming weeks.

Not only India but also many countries across the globe such as Spain, Italy etc. are also under lockdown due to being under the top five countries with maximum coronavirus cases.

However, in the recent meeting of PM Modi with Chief Ministers, many cms of different states have suggested extending the lockdown after May 3 as well.

Right now, nothing can be said with surety as the time is uncertain these days, but still many people, experts and many states government believe that India needs to extend the lockdown. As soon as there will a good number of recovery rates, along with a reduction in the increasing number of cases comes under control, then the only the government should think of ending the lockdown. So far, there is the total number of 31,787 confirmed coronavirus cases in India with 7,797 recoveries and 1008 death as well, as of April 29, 2020.

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