How To Check Pan Card Status By Name And Date Of Birth?

How To Check Pan Card Status By Name And Date Of Birth?

Check Pan Card Status By Name And Date Of Birth: If you forget your PAN Card number or any application or Acknowledgement number provide to you while issuing the Pan Card then you need not worry about anything. There are many other ways by which you can check the PAN Card Status with the help of Name and Date of Birth.

For this, there is a very basic requirement which should be handy to you and it includes the First Name, Middle Name, and Surname of PAN Cardholder and also the checker should know the details of the PAN card holders Father Name, Middle Name and Surname.

Pan Card Status By Name and Date of Birth

After having this info handy with you all you need is the account holders Date of birth.

So concluding the prerequisite to check the PAN card status:

  • Date of Birth
  • Account Holders Full Name
  • Account Holders Fathers Full Name

Why is this considered as the secure option to check the PAN Card status of any person?

How To Check Pan Card Status By Name And Date Of Birth?

Yes, it is! Because you need to put the correct data of the account holder along with correct entries of his father’s name. Also, the Date of Birth of the account holder should match the details given above.

Along with this, it may happen the person has submitted the abbreviation of his name to be printed on the pan card.

So, in these ways, you can easily check the PAN card status with the help of Name and date of Birth.

By this way, you can easily find out your PAN Card Status by filling the form issued by the Income Tax Department of India.

We are explaining to you more ways by which you can check the Pan Card status just by filling the name and date of Birth.

Go on the official website of Pan card number and then move forward by clicking on the Know your PAN card option.

After clicking on the option fill your Date of Birth in the correct option as provided by them. Don’t Mismatch the option and fill the same as you registered while making the PAN card number.

Then you need to enter the surname first and then fill the entry with your Middle name and then with your First Name without any errors.

After successfully filling the data and cross-checking it fill the captcha code shown on the desktop screen to final the form filling process.

Finally, click the submit button and get your PAN Card Number on the screen.

After filling the data you will get your PAN Card Number and all the details, Jurisdiction and Remarks about your PAN Card status on your screen instantly.

Apart from these, there is another option which you can follow to get your PAN Card Status with the help of Name and Date of Birth Only.

PAN Card is really useful for all Indians when it comes to issuing the financial status of a person as issued by the tax department of India.

It is one of the important documents required while opening a new bank account in India.

There are many techniques by which you can get yourself a PAN card issued of which two are NDSL and UTI.

You can go the respective websites and click on the further details to get you registered on it.

Although the making of PAN Card is a time-consuming process you can check the status on the official website periodically to get the final status of the PAN Card issued.

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