Call of Duty Mobile for iOS and Android: Here Are Some Best Tips And Tricks

Call of Duty Mobile: As people are trapped in their homes amid lockdown period due to coronavirus, there’s nothing much we can do to entertain us. At this time period what can be better than playing online games, especially the most popular ones.

When it comes to Battle Royale games, we all know the first game comes to our mind is Call of Duty Mobile (CODM), which is a very popular game developed by Chinese developer, Tencent. The game is online FPS shooter with regular PvP and a 100-player battle royale mode. Call of Duty: Mobile received the biggest game launch ever in the history of mobile gaming.

The best part of the game for which it is quite popular is its high definition game models along with a wide range of game modes, which also include battle royale. It is not necessary for any gamer whether they are the beginners or the pro players, every player would love to get some tips and tricks and that’s what we are going to discuss today.

Adjustment In Your Screen Layout

You can easily change the layout of your screen if you are not happy with the layout and you keep on accidentally pressing the buttons as it does not fit according to your preference, thus it holds you back to win the game. For changing the layout of your screen, you can do the adjustments by going to the settings menu.

Upgrade your weapons occasionally

Rewards can be used to get you many weapons cards in order to upgrade it, along with that this can be whatsoever from adding a scope to ranging the barrel. The weapon features chart is also going to demonstrate the impact of those alterations you make as well as this can make a big difference to how that weapon executes in the game.

Daily Login Rewards

Returning players are daily rewarded with some rewards like Weapon XP cards, crates as well as credits. All of these items are going to come in handy as you progress on the game. Weapon XP cards also let you to upgrade weapons for unlocking the attachments, which is going to help you for the duration of the games. All the credits that you collect can be spent on different weapons skins along with additional cosmetic items, for ensuring that you look good in those new attachments.

Wisely Use Different Throwables Available

Call of Duty consists of a number of throwable which can be used other than the generic smoke, frag as well as stun grenades. The most appropriate use of the throwable is going to give you a benefit when you are stuck in any difficult circumstances in the game.

Crouch and Slide

Whenever you click on crouch while sprinting or running, your character will automatically slide as he crouches. This method helps you in changing your location when you get spotted by your enemy and this is also going to help you dodge the bullets as well.

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