Apple Card To Launch On August 2019; Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

Apple Card To Launch On August 2019; Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

Apple Card To Launch On August: Apple Card is a credit card which has been developed by Apple Inc., mainly to be used with Apple Pay on Apple devices like an iPhone or Apple Watch. It was announced at an Apple Special Event on 25th March 2019. Not like earlier special events which have in history served as platforms to make the announcement of upcoming hardware, this event focused on new internet software as well as services. Various additional services were also announced at the event which comprises of Apple TV+, Apple News+, and Apple Arcade.

What is the Apple Card? When will the Apple Card be available?

The launch of the Apple Card is scheduled in the first half of August 2019 in the rest of the United States. On August 6, 2019, a preview was released to the users who were invited to get Apple Card.

The Verge stated that a random selection will be done of people who are signed up to be notified when the info was accessible regarding the Apple Card is going to be asked to sign up for the credit card in the preview rollout. Though, it is still unclear how many people are in the preview rollout.

Well, the accessibility of Apple Card in various other countries has not announced and is yet to be declared. But, in the US, it is expected to be coming to qualified users over the following next couple of months.

Where you can use Apple Card after its Launch?

Well, it’s all thanks to the MasterCard backing that we can pay with our Apple Card anywhere worldwide that Apple Pay is accepted. At present, Apple Pay is accessible in more than 40 countries, as well as in the US in 70 percent of merchants, 85 percent in the UK along with 99 percent in Australia.

Other than that you can be able to use a virtual number in the Wallet app that can be used in such places where contactless payments aren’t accepted. Other than that, you can also request a new virtual number at any time.

Apple Card To Launch On August 2019; Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

How Do You Sign Up for Apple Card?

In order to simplify signing up for a credit card, Apple has allowed its users to just sign up for the Apple Card on their iPhone. Sign up will require iOS 12.4 and your address, birthday, income as well as the last four digits of your Social Security number, as per to The Verge’s report.

The data is going to be then submitted to Goldman Sachs in order to approve or drop your application in real-time. However, it will take less than a minute, as per to reports but you are going to be submitted to a TransUnion credit check.

Apple Card is said to then appear immediately in Apple Wallet if it is successfully approved, and then you’ll be able to begin using it from that very moment. 

Is Apple Card Safe to Use?

Well, there will be a unique card number which is created for every single device and it is stored in the device’s secure element, a tamper-resistant security chip which is used by Apple Pay in order to handle transactions as well as on-device cryptographic functions. Each and every transaction uses its individual one-time “dynamic security code”, and is only authorized with Face ID or Touch ID. So yes, it is very safe.

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